Sweet Briar College Farm

June 2022

Branding, Illustration, Strategy

„Sweet Briar College“ approached our team with the task of incorporating the Farm, located on the College grounds, into their brand. Research depicted that the Farm is one of the College’s most unique selling points. We, a team of experienced advertisers and designers, created the „Sweet Briar College Farm“ brand, including the design of an original logo, product labels, and comprehensive brand guidelines.


Through in-depth research, we developed a solid understanding of the brand, identifying the Farm’s history as a component of the College and its mission, as well as laying the groundwork for the design.

The logo icon’s stylized assets represent the farm’s key imagery: bees, honeycomb, grapes, and leaves. We used lush organic tones found in nature for the label. The hand-drawn label imagery was inspired by the crops, greenery, and mountainous Sweet Briar landscape, depicting a whimsical, almost fantastical version of the College Farm.

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