I am an exhibition designer, who also loves exploring the world and capturing nature sounds.

My journey as such started more than 10 years ago, when I gathered all of my courage and set off to explore the globe.

At first, I was drawn to Australia, later I went to Singapore, which became the perfect gateway to other countries in South Asia while also providing me the opportunity to gain my first insights into exhibition design during my semester abroad. In the following years, I found myself constantly enthralled by the world around me and the stories that came with it, whether it be the temples of Old Bagan in Myanmar, or simply the nature surrounding my hometown. I wanted to share these discoveries with others, and I knew the best way to so was through design.

Throughout my years I have sharpened my skills, working in interdisciplinary teams for multinational corporations, and continued education in Germany, Singapore, and the US, finishing two master degrees. Today, as an exhibition designer, I want to do my best to create experiences that don’t just quench someone’s thirst for knowledge, I want to create exhibitions that ignite curiosity, fascinate, and inspire.

Contact me together we will create memorable experiences.