I begin all of my projects with thorough research. For my master’s thesis in exhibition design, I created a prototype for a hiking app with an integrated sound exhibition. My goal was to raise environmental awareness while developing a new platform for nature enthusiasts to share their experiences.


The app „Naturrausch,“ or „Soundscape Diaries,“ makes various natural sounds audible and provides information about them so that users can better experience, learn, and appreciate nature. The project began with intense studies in the newly emerging field of eco-acoustics. I also collaborated with rangers and ornithologists to understand nature’s sounds better.

The app includes various hikes that include sound examples, some of which are „hidden.“ The hidden sounds can only be heard with technical assistance. At specific points during a hike, the option to listen to recordings is presented for this purpose – for example, at a particular spot, you could listen to a live audio recording of insects living in the ground.

The software also includes an integrated recorder that makes it simple and quick to record a specific sound. It is possible to send the recordings directly to Soundscape Diaries. These can be incorporated into current walks, or the user recordings can be used to create a new hike in the region.

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