Today, I’m exploring the Steinicht and Triebtal nature reserves with ornithologist Bernd Möckel in search of dipper nesting sites. The dipper is the only native songbird capable of diving and swimming. It makes its nests in embankments or wall holes near boulder-rich, fast-flowing streams and rivers in forests and mountains. The area between the two nature reserves provides an ideal biotope for them. Unfortunately, the search remains unsuccessful. In both valleys, we cannot find any bird of this species. However, we come across a wide range of other species. Along the river, we hear the calling of the nestlings of the great spotted woodpecker. Its nesting hole is quite close to the path. We keep a safe distance from the squeaking young and watch for their parents. We won’t have to wait long. A mother bird flies to the trunk of the tree. It initially lands on the side, away from us. It expertly shimmies to the perfectly round nest hole, where the baby eagerly accepts the parental food supply.